Tie Dye Tile

Product Design

2018 - present

Tie Dye Tile design takes up traditional techniques and continually explores the natural texture for a series of refreshing home decors. It involved different tie-dye processes and digital design which turned out with tons of extraordinary patterns. The goal of the creation for the product is to seek the beauty of traditional handcraft and bring these values to real life.

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#0a1b3d, #8ba9ce, #d3e0ef

As the name shows, the tie-dye process can be divided into two parts, first tie and then dye. Normally we use strings and wood strips, squares and chopsticks to tie parts of the fabric so that they will not absorb dye, giving the fabric a streaked or mottled look.

Today’s tie-dye retains that traditional essence, and the modern version really works for refreshing home decors.