City Through Skin



Tattoos are something extremely intimate for people. Having a tattoo is telling a story through skin, body, and yourself. Therefore, to have a tattoo about a city means one must have a strong connection or belonging to that place. This made me want to capture all the stories around this cosmopolitan.

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Brain storming


Photographer: Xun Mo, Shaonan Zhou

Models: People in LA

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

I have seen many people carrying a tattoo referencing or representing LA - a city full of opinions, adventures, and open minded people that blur the line between races, religions and beliefs.

The people who have “LA tattoos” mostly have came from other places. They want to treasure and remember the experiences and the lessons they have learned here, so they mark their journey here through ink.

People come and stay because LA has the magic to make people feel like home no matter where they’re from.